Alexandra K (alk) wrote in gimlifans,
Alexandra K

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Not ANOTHER LotR community?!?!

*Chuckles* I don't really care - Gimli's one helluva dwarf! :) And I really like John Rhys-Davies. ^_^ Ever since I saw 'im on Sliders, heh. Stupid Sliders! *Shakes a fist* And numerous other documentaries that he's narrated. Heh.

Anyway, go Gimli! *Snatches first post and runs off*
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I second that vote!

And Sliders... *snicker* Some of us have seen every episode, and we KNOW that show is frelled-up. Yet we like it anyway. *shrug*

It was kinda horrible yet enjoyable. 'Cept that I thought the last season sucked, compared to the first four.
lets us not forget JRD's role in the Indiana Jones Films.